It's a...Girl!

We are so incredibly excited to announce that baby number three is a Girl!! We had an early Gender scan at our local Baby Bond Clinic and I can not recommend the service enough. We also went there for an early scan and it was a lovely experience. We asked them to write the gender in a card so that we could find out when we got home. We took the card to a local balloon shop and they filled the box with balloons and I cant tell you how exciting it was to open that box and see the pink balloons fly out! We filmed the moment and I will share that will you all soon.



12-14 week pregnancy update | Pregnancy Diary

I thought I would condense weeks 12-14 in to one blog post because in all honesty not a huge amount has changed in these couple of weeks. Pregnancy fatigue seems to have got better and I am no longer falling asleep at 1pm each day. With a 3 year old, 5 year old and a dog afternoon naps weren't ideal but some days my body took over and I was even falling asleep at the dinning table.



My First Trimester | Pregnancy Diary

My first trimester hasn't been an easy one. On top of all your standard pregnancy symptoms, I have had a lot of stress in my personal life and also some health concerns regarding this baby. This does not bode well for an easy pregnancy.

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